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Greg is an Atlanta native whose upbringing had a big hand in his artistic journey.  From a very young age, he was always singing and dancing, but he didn't really fall in love with acting until middle school; this is assuming you don't count his groundbreaking performance as the Big Bad Wolf in his Kindergarten production of the Three Piggy Opera. Greg went on to receive his Master's Degree in Acting from Michigan State University,  where he was also able to teach and inspire students to understand the human condition, inspire empathy, ask hard questions, and provide emotional release.  


Greg has always believed that the theatre is a  place of healing, social exploration, and understanding, and his driving force is to inspire all people to have an appreciation for the theatre.  Whether he is onstage or in a classroom, Greg works hard to be an open-hearted person, always trying to empathize with everyone he meets, and making people feel welcomed, respected, and appreciated. 

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